Magical Justice

Freelance Artist


Hello! My name is Marina but you can call me Rina. I create art while I am not teaching and working in a grocery store. Interested in commissioning me for an illustration or project? Look at my prices and get in touch!

Commission Info
Status: Open

Below are examples and prices of the types of commissions I do.

A Single Character Commission from the thigh-up is $30
+$25 for additional Characters
+$30 for a background

Ponies are $30
Full-body shots of a character is $40

I Do:

  • Any types of characters from original to fan chararters and of fanart

  • Male/Female/NB

  • Kemono; characters with ears and tails

  • Couples

  • Simple backgrounds

  • Ponies (like for MLP)

  • NSFW (please message for more details)


  • Images that have messages of hate speech

  • Illegal depictions of individuals who appear to be under 18 years of age. (This means no lolicon or shotacon)

Message me at the following below if you wish to commission:

Payment will be sent to:

Commissions Completed